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How P&C helps NEET Coaching in Assam for Rural Students

Admission to medical and dental colleges across India is determined by the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), a test with a high level of competition. The lack of resources and access to high-quality coaching makes it difficult for pupils in Assam's rural areas to adequately prepare for this exam.

Coaching programme in Assam

In Assam, there are a number of programmes and coaching facilities, though, that are intended to give rural kids the assistance they need to be successful in the NEET exam. We'll look at a few of these choices in this blog article and offer advice for rural students getting ready for the NEET exam.

How P&C educations is different from others

Potential & Concept Educations, which has 11 locations throughout Assam, is one of the most well-liked tutoring facilities. Potential and Concept Educations provides thorough NEET coaching programmes with in-class lectures, study guides, and periodic exams. Their knowledgeable instructors give each student individualised attention and assist them in identifying their strengths and shortcomings.

P&C Digital App

Rural students also have the option of using online tools like P&C Digital App, which let them to compare the costs of various NEET coaching programmes. For students who reside in rural places with limited access to conventional coaching centres, online tutoring might be a practical and affordable choice.

Govt Initiatives

Government programmes are available in addition to private coaching facilities to aid rural students in their NEET exam preparation. The Assam Rifles, for instance, have established a residential centre in Nagaland where impoverished kids from the North-eastern state will receive coaching for exams like NEET and JEE.

Decide Smartly

Rural students should have a well-thought-out study strategy and easy access to excellent study materials as they get ready for the NEET exam. Numerous coaching facilities offer their pupils thorough study guides that cover every subject matter found in the NEET syllabus. Additionally, students can complement their education by using internet resources like NCERT textbooks and previous exam papers.



In conclusion, Assamese rural students who are registering for the NEET exam have a variety of possibilities. Rural students can get the assistance they need to pass this difficult exam through traditional coaching facilities, online resources, or government programmes. Anything is attainable with effort and willpower!


Potential & Concept Educations

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