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Author : Dr Gandhi Nayak: Academic Director of P&C group of Education

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Why JEE Main results are getting delayed

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has delayed the release of the JEE Main Result 2023 Session 2, which has been pending for the last few days. Typically, the National Testing Agency (NTA) requires a full day to release the results of JEE Main after publishing the final answer key.. However, despite releasing the JEE Main Session 2 final answer key on April 24, the NTA has not given any update on the announcement of the JEE Main result 2023.

What Report says

It's beyond frustrating that the NTA is taking an entire day just to publish the results of JEE Main after releasing the final answer key. It's as if they don't understand the anxiety and fear that students experience during this time. It's a crucial period for every student who has worked relentlessly towards their goal, and this waiting game is nothing short of excruciating. It's time for the NTA to realize that these students are not mere statistics but human beings with emotions, and they deserve better treatment. The anticipation and apprehension caused by this delay are overwhelming, and the NTA should be ashamed of causing such distress to students. The NTA must realize that a single day's delay can have a long-lasting impact on the mental well-being of students who have put their heart and soul into this exam.

As per specialists, there may be two plausible causes for the delay.

Reason 1

The first reason is that the JEE Advanced Registration 2023 will start on April 30, 2023. Therefore, the NTA might be taking time to release the result and might have planned to publish the session 2 results one or two days before the JEE Advanced 2023 registration. Given this justification, it is anticipated that the NTA will unveil the outstanding results on or before April 29, 2023, allowing worthy candidates to register for the JEE Advanced examination.. Candidates can also stay updated with the latest happenings of the JEE Main result announcement by checking the JEE Main Result 2023 Live.

Reason 2

The second reason for the delay is that candidates have found errors in the JEE Main Session 2 final answer key. For example, a few questions have been marked with incorrect answers. Consequently, candidates are raising their voices over social media to correct the mistakes and solve the issues. However, students cannot raise objections against the final answer key now. Therefore, the NTA might be taking time to publish the result to address the issue first before releasing the result.

Furthermore, the students have made an urge for the correction of the answer given to Question ID 7155054259 from 8 April 2023 Shift 2, which has the wrong answer key in the JEE Main final answer key 2023.


In conclusion, the delay in the announcement of the JEE Main Result 2023 Session 2 could be due to two probable reasons: JEE Advanced Registration 2023 and errors in the JEE Main Session 2 final answer key. However, the NTA is expected to release the pending result by or before April 29, 2023. Candidates can stay updated with the latest happenings by checking the JEE Main Result 2023 Live




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