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Author : Dr Azmira Gandhi Nayak: Academic Director of P&C group of Education

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JEE Main 24th January 2023 Shift 1 Paper Analysis

This year JEE Main 2023 Session 1 was held on 24th January, Tuesday. Shift 1 paper started from 9 am to 12 noon. 

Potential and Concept Educations brings you a detailed video paper analysis of Shift 1. The Paper Analysis was prepared by our Academic Director Dr Azmira Gandhi Nayak Sir.

JEE Main, 24th January 2023 Shift 1 Paper Analysis

Maths Paper Analysis

Most of the questions are from 

  1. Integration
  2. Conic Section
  3. Vector 3D
  4. Probability

Physics Paper Analysis

  1. Work power Energy 1 question
  2. NLM 1 question
  3. AC 1 question
  4. Capacitor 1 question
  5. Electrostat 1 question
  6. Semiconductors 1 question
  7. EM waves 1 question
  8. Magnetic effect 2 questions
  9. Optics 2 questions
  10. Thermodynamics 2 questions
  11. Current electricity 2 questions<
  12. Modern physics 3 questions

Chemistry Paper Analysis

  1. Inorganic chemistry mostly memory based strictly from NCERT lines (20%)
  2. Physical chemistry simple and mostly PYQ based questions.
  3. Organic chemistry mostly easy questions
  4. Biomolecules 2 questions
  5. No questions from IUPAC nomenclature.

Overall Analysis

  1. Chemistry:  Easy and memory based
  2. Physics:  Easy to Moderate with simple calculation
  3. Mathematics:  lengthy and moderately difficult


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