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Author : Dr Azmira Gandhi Nayak: Academic Director of P&C group of Education

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Boost your JEE Main 2023 | Expert Talks

As an academic director, I understand the importance of JEE Main for the aspiring engineers of India. With the JEE Main examination being one of the most competitive examinations in the country, it requires a thorough and disciplined approach towards preparation. In this article, I will be discussing expert tips on JEE Main preparation with the help of Sujit sir, Rishu sir, CK sir, and Yudhajit sir in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.


According to CK sir, Physics is a subject that requires a deep understanding of concepts and application of mathematical formulae. To prepare for Physics, one must begin with a thorough understanding of basic concepts and then move on to solving numerical problems. CK sir recommends studying from NCERT textbooks and solving previous year question papers. He also suggests taking regular mock tests to assess one’s progress.


Yudhajit sir believes that Chemistry can be mastered through regular practice and understanding of concepts. He recommends focusing on understanding the periodic table, chemical reactions, and organic chemistry. Yudhajit sir advises using the NCERT textbook as a primary source of study material and supplementing it with other reference books. He also recommends practicing chemical equations and reactions regularly to reinforce understanding.


Sujit sir emphasizes the importance of Mathematics in JEE Main and recommends developing a strong foundation in the subject. He suggests using NCERT textbooks as a primary source of study material and supplementing it with other reference books. Sujit sir also recommends regular practice and solving of previous year question papers. He advises breaking down complex problems into simpler ones and solving them step by step to reinforce understanding.


Rishu sir believes that a disciplined approach to JEE Main preparation is key to success. He suggests following a strict study schedule, setting realistic goals, and regularly assessing one’s progress. Rishu sir also recommends staying motivated and focused throughout the preparation period.


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In conclusion, preparing for JEE Main requires a disciplined and focused approach, and with the expert tips provided by Sujit sir, Rishu sir, CK sir, and Yudhajit sir, one can develop a strong foundation in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Remember, consistent practice and understanding of concepts are crucial for success in JEE Main. Good luck to all aspirants!

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