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How to Prepare for competitive Exam in 2023

Competitive exam Preparation Tips will help the candidates in their NEET or JEE entrance test preparation in a smarter way.  National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) or Join Entrance Examination (JEE) are the most popular among science students who are moving from class 10 to 11.  

NEET entrance test led to more than 500 Govt. medical colleges as well as private institutes. Whereas JEE which is a Joint Entrance Exam for Engineering 

Competitive exam Preparation Tips

There are lots of methods by which one can crack any competitive exam. As everyone knows that ‘Hard work is the Key to Success’ and yes it is true also. But, apart from this, there are some other factors that will help the candidates in their exam preparation to score well & crack the exam.

Here, we are providing some points to prepare for the competitive entrance exam in 2023:

  1. Make a Strategy
  2. Make a Proper Study Schedule
  3. Go through the Complete Syllabus
  4. Boost your Confidence for Exam Day
  5. Know your Exam Pattern
  6. Pre-Requisites for the Examination
  7. Practice Mock test papers

Make a Strategy


First of all, it is very important to make a strategy for studying your complete NEET or JEE syllabus., You just need to make strategies that how can you cover the complete syllabus within the stipulated time. Make a strategy and go as per that prepared strategy. Also, gather knowledge about the NEET or JEE 2023 exam pattern.


Make a Proper Study Schedule


Once you will aware of what you have to study, then make a proper study timetable. A systematic timetable makes you study uniformly and regularly. Divide the time as per the level of difficulty in particular subjects. Follow it strictly and on a regular basis.


Go through Complete Syllabus


It is very important to know the syllabus thoroughly. Gather the content of the syllabus from every possible means and sum up them. Now, divide the syllabus for the complete duration till exam day. As per the syllabus make short notes on a daily basis.


Know your Exam Pattern


It is advised to all candidates that they must be aware of the exam pattern. It will 100% help to score higher marks in the examination. It will make you aware of the no. of questions, negative markings, total marks, etc. So, go for the preparation as per the exam pattern.


Prerequisites for the Examination


It is very important to be aware of the previous exam questions and patterns. Candidates can check the previous year's questions papers which are available all over the internet. Gather them all and solve them daily. Make your concepts clear so that you can solve any trickiest question. This will help candidates by clearing their doubts more easily.


Go through Samples or Previous Year's papers


It will be great practice if you will solve all the sample papers or previous year's question papers of NEET. Also, this will give a good idea of the paper pattern and trends of questions asked in the exam. Students must regularly solve these papers to enhance their preparation level and speed.


Boost your Confidence on Exam Day


Last but not least. Boost yourself from day one of the preparations to the day of the exam. Never let it become low, always increase your self-confidence. Never try hard topics to one-two day before the examination. Rather keep the last days only for revision of subjects & topics you will be prepared for.


Practice Mock test papers with a Timer

Practice sample papers or mock tests with a timer. Self evaluate your performance and make a record of it. Aim for scoring 10 marks more than your previous test everytime. In 10 tests you can easily increase your marks by 100 which would otherwise seem extremely difficult.



As already mentioned above preparing for the competitive exam is not an easy task, But with consistency and a disciplined manner you work hard with proper strategy, you will sure success in your goal. 

So prepare for it and remember these few tips. All the Best for your NEET 2023 exam. 


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This is an awesome blog post for the students of Northeast. A must-read article .

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