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Best IIT JEE and NEET coaching for droppers in Assam

Are you a 12th-passed/dropper candidate who is aiming to appear for NEET(UG) and JEE (Main & Advanced) 2024 or any other Medical & Engineering competitive examinations of 2024? If yes, then our Repeaters/Dropper Course is perfect for you! Our course provides a one-year program that spans over 10 months, covering the entire syllabus for NEET/JEE (both classes 11 and 12).

"JEE / NEET Repeater Course," which is a coaching program designed for students who want to retake the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) or National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) in order to improve their scores and get admission to top medical colleges in India.

Whether or not a NEET Repeater Course is important for you depends on your individual circumstances and needs. If you have already attempted NEET and feel that you need additional guidance and practice to improve your score, then a repeater course may be helpful. These courses are designed to provide targeted coaching, practice tests, and personalized feedback to help you identify areas where you need improvement and focus on them.

However, if you have not attempted NEET yet or feel confident in your preparation, then a repeater course may not be necessary. It's important to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses and determine whether a coaching program would benefit you.

Who are JEE Main or NEET Repeaters?

Those who are JEE Main droppers are repeaters who are limited to two attempts. Thus, JEE candidates who wish to pass the JEE Mains exam with the target score must work harder to put together a successful study schedule.

With today's cutting-edge technology, online coaching for JEE dropouts makes it simple to sign up, learn, and review. The JEE Repeater Course is a thorough and promising JEE Dropper Course for JEE Main and IIT-JEE Droppers.

The study materials in the JEE Main Repeaters course were carefully selected by our top-notch JEE instructors. For IIT-JEE dropouts, the ideal study resource is the JEE Main Repeater Course. In addition to streamlining your performance and preparation, this droppers course will help you thoroughly review for the JEE by placing you in a competitive setting. This course is available to all JEE candidates looking for the Best Online Coaching for JEE Droppers to strengthen their JEE Main and JEE Advanced preparations.

Dropper/Repeater Course for NEET and JEE Aspirants

As a 12th passed/dropper candidate, appearing for NEET(UG) and JEE (Main & Advanced) 2024 or any other Medical & Engineering competitive examinations of 2024 can be daunting. However, with our Repeaters Course, you can prepare with confidence and increase your chances of success.

Dropper Course Details

Our Repeaters Course is a comprehensive one-year program that covers the entire syllabus for NEET/JEE (both classes 11 and 12). With no compromises on detailed analysis, classroom explanations, numerical applications, and their practice, our rigorous program ensures that you are well-equipped to tackle any exam.

Our course includes periodic tests conducted at intervals of two-three weeks to keep the aspirants at the peak of their performance curve. These tests help you develop speed and exam temperament. Additionally, our course is integrated with our All-Northeast Test Series (ANTS) and a Complete Study Material Package, making your preparation even more comprehensive.

Another unique feature of our Repeaters Course is our mentorship program. Our experts analyze the performance of the students after each test, generating a report that is passed on to the faculties/students on a monthly basis. This report helps students work on their weaknesses and boost their performance for the best results.

The JEE Repeater Course is Open to Whom?

These candidates are eligible to enroll in the IIT JEE Repeater Course:

  1. Appeared in JEE but was unable to pass
  2. JEE qualified but was denied admission to your preferred college
  3. didn't receive the anticipated marks
  4. Despite never having entered JEE, you now want to get ready for it.

Features of Our Repeaters Course

Our Repeaters Course offers the following features:

  1. Highly Interactive Classes: Our course is taught by some of the Most Experienced Faculties in the country, making the classes highly interactive and engaging.
  2. In-depth Conceptual Analysis: We provide in-depth conceptual analysis of topics from an examination point of view, ensuring that you have a thorough understanding of the concepts.
  3. Periodic Tests: We conduct periodic tests in both Offline & Online modes for regular practice, and recorded video solutions are provided for the same. This helps you get a feel for the actual exam and prepares you better.
  4. Classroom Practice Papers: We provide Classroom Practice Papers (CPPs) after the completion of each topic in class, ensuring that you have ample practice.
  5. Doubt Clearing Sessions: We conduct Doubt Clearing Sessions after each major test conducted (ANTS Tests), ensuring that all your doubts are cleared and you are well-prepared for the next test.


About Potential & Concept Educations

Potential & Concept Educations is a premier coaching institute in the North-East region. With our centers in Guwahati as well as other major cities of Assam, we provide the best coaching for NEET or Medical & JEE or Engineering entrance coaching. We offer various courses, including the Repeater Course, Target Course, Foundation Course, Capsule Course, Crash Course & ANTS. We also provide coaching for Class 9 & 10 students in our pre-foundation course aimed at building a strong foundation of conceptual learning in students.

Enroll now and ace your NEET/JEE exams with Potential & Concept Educations!



Enrolling in our Repeaters Course can significantly increase your chances of success in NEET(UG) and JEE (Main & Advanced) 2024 or any other Medical & Engineering competitive examinations of 2024. With experienced faculty members, in-depth analysis, and periodic tests, you'll be well-equipped to tackle any exam with confidence. So, don't wait any longer, enroll now, and start preparing with Potential & Concept Educations!

Potential & Concept Educations

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