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Repeater Admission cum Scholarship Test (RAST)

The Repeater Admission cum Scholarship Test (RAST), which was initially scheduled to be held during the time of COVID, has been canceled. Instead, Potential and Concept Educations have introduced a special concession scheme for repeater students.

Understanding the challenges and uncertainties posed by the pandemic, we have decided to modify our admission process to ensure equal opportunities for all aspiring repeater students. The decision to cancel RAST and introduce the special concession scheme is aimed at providing a fair chance to every student, regardless of their circumstances.

Under the special concession scheme, students can avail themselves of benefits based on their NEET 2023 marks as well as their status as 2nd or 3rd droppers. This scheme acknowledges the efforts and dedication of students who have attempted these exams previously and are committed to improving their performance. We believe in nurturing the potential of every repeater student and providing them with the necessary support to excel in their chosen exams.

The special concession scheme is designed to make quality education more accessible and affordable for repeater students. We understand that financial constraints can often hinder a student's educational journey. With this scheme, we aim to reduce the financial burden and encourage deserving students to pursue their dreams of cracking NEET or IIT JEE.

Potential and Concept Educations are committed to providing a holistic and inclusive learning environment. Along with the special concession scheme, we offer a comprehensive repeater admission program that focuses on personalized attention, strong foundational concepts, and effective exam preparation strategies. Our experienced faculty members, comprehensive study materials, regular assessments, and doubt-clearing sessions are all geared towards empowering repeater students to achieve their goals.

In these unprecedented times, our institute strives to adapt to the changing needs and challenges faced by students. By canceling the RAST and introducing the special concession scheme, we aim to ensure that no deserving student is left behind due to the circumstances caused by the pandemic.

If you are a repeater student looking for an institute that values your potential and supports your aspirations, Potential and Concept Educations is the ideal choice. Take advantage of our special concession scheme and join our repeater admission program to receive quality education and guidance as you prepare for NEET or IIT JEE. Let us help you unlock your potential and pave the way to your success. Enroll with us today!

Special Concession Scheme 2023-24( For Dropper Admission )

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